Farewell To The Fairfax Meals Tax!

Despite an extensive, but ultimately ineffective, propaganda campaign by FCPS and other entities with a vested interest in the passage of the meals tax, the voters of Fairfax County have spoken.

And what did they have to say? NO TO THE MEALS TAX.

This was not completely unexpected, given the many cogent arguments adavanced against the tax by local businesses, community leaders and residents.

In many ways, the defeat of the meals tax serves as a resounding vote of no confidence for the policies of the school board. The school board has been surprisingly resistent to calls to decrease spending. It has maintained that no further cuts can be made. Apparently the voters disagree.

As such, the future of FCPS is uncertain. If their projections are to believed, they are facing a massive deficit. They will, at this point, receive no sympathy from voters and likely not much from the Board of Supervisors. In an unpopular decision, the Board put the meals tax on the ballot, and now it has been defeated. Moreover, the Board is also left to contend with its own fiscal woes.


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