Vote No On The Meals Tax: FCPS Fails To Protect The Children!

FCPS’ failures go well beyond the hiring of consultants with dubious qualifications and questionable results.

In the case of FCPS’ retention of the Boosterthon fundraiser, even though there are valid questions to be asked about the improper use of instructional hours, there is a more serious problem. This is the way in which children are protected from possible abuse by Boosterthon employees.

Here is the relevant portion of a contract between FCPS and Boosterthon:


FCPS would appear to be trusting Boosterthon to have conducted appropriate background checks on its employees, agents, and subcontractors. Unfortunately, FCPS did not see fit to review these background checks before allowing Boosterthon personnel to have access to school facilities.

It is clear that this arrangement is seriously flawed. The safety of children is too important to leave to trust, and that is exactly what is happening. FCPS needs to review the background checks (to say nothing of conducting due diligence on the entity conducting them) and deciding if the personnel proposed by Boosterthon are acceptable or not.

It is not at all clear why FCPS agreed to this arrangement. Whatever the reason, this was not the right decision to make.

It is quite clear that FCPS is out of control, serving its own interests-not those of the children or County residents. FCPS needs to be reformed, and one of the first steps in this program of reform is fiscal responsibility. As such, a NO vote on the meals tax is the right thing to do. FCPS squanders the funds it has on ill conceived arrangements such as the Boosterthon contract, and there is no telling what problems might develop were FCPS’ irresponsibility to be better funded.



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