Vote No On The Meals Tax: The Great Mindfulness Muddle (A Pattern Emerges)

FCPS has chosen to contract with MINDS, INC. to deliver “mindfulness” training. According to the appropriate scientific literature, mindfulness, it it has any value at all, is used in the context of psychotherapeutic interventions.

What is worth noting is that many of the people at MINDS were trained by Tara Brach, who has also been a consultant to FCPS. Brach, like fellow FCPS consultant Eric Jensen, holds an online degree from California’s Fielding Graduate University.

It is also worth noting that even though Brach did obtain licensure as a psychologist in Maryland, it expired in 2002:



Few of the people with MINDS have any credentials beyond “mindfulness training” appears to be poorly regulated (if at all) and not standardized. One of the key people on the FCPS mindfulness contract, David Trachtenberg, is not even close to being a psychologist-he is a basketball coach!

Both MINDS have FCPS have resisted public inquiries about the wisdom of hiring this organization.

This, however, is nothing new at FCPS. FCPS has also hired Menville “Flip” Flippen to consult. Flippen describes himself as a psychotherapist. The truth of the matter is that his only credential is that of a Texas licensed professional counselor, and even that credential is inactive, meaning that Flippen cannot practice any form of therapy!


Flippen, as documented here, was the target of a California grand jury investigation. Flippen has been known to charge six figures for consulting, to say nothing of asking for, and getting, $10,000 for a one hour speech!

FCPS is clearly not exercising prudence in the selection of consultants. Instead of being given yet more money to waste on the likes of Brach, Jensen, and Flippen, FCPS needs to learn some fiscal discipline. As a result, the only reasonable vote on the November 8th meals tax referendum is NO!



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