Vote No On The Meals Tax: Virginia Senator Scott Surovell Fumbles Challenge On FCPS Spending!


Virginia Senator Scott Surovell was challenged to explain how expenditures on two consultants, Eric Jensen and Menville “Flip” Flippen had enhanced education in Fairfa County.

Surovell suggested contacting the School Board. The citizen’s riposte, however, was quick and decisive: the School Board would vouch fot nothing more than the correctness of the contracts; they would not justify spending the money.

Surovell lamented the lack of funds for, among other things, teacher salary increases. Undaunted, the citizen pointed out that wasteful spending consumed funds that could have been used for such things.

FCPS’ lack of transparency is decidedly disturbing. If Senator Surovell does not know, or does not care to find out what benefits come from certain expenditures, that is a clear sign that FCPS must think it has money to burn. As a result, NO is the only acceptable vote on the meals tax. FCPS has plenty of money-they just fail to use it effectively!




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