Vote No On The Meals Tax: The Meals Tax Targets The Elderly And Disabled

elderlyFairfax County exempts the elderly and disabled from property tax. For whatever unfortunate reason, there is no such provision in the plans for the meals tax. Despite language to the contrary, there are, in fact, no plans for any form whatsoever of “tax relief” if the meals tax is passed.

As planned, the meals tax would target-and target unfairly-the elderly and disabled of Fairfax County. If these individuals should choose to spend a little time away from home for a meal, snack, or even just a cup of tea or coffee with friends, it is going to cost them more. Since the majority of these individuals are on fixed incomes, the tax will have a definite effect on them.Not surprisingly, no one at FCPS is willing to address this issue, as they have other priorities, such as political advancement and forging relationships with contractors.

This is just one of the many reasons why the proposed meals tax is a bad idea. As a result, the only rational vote on the meals tax is NO.



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