Vote No On The Meals Tax: School Board Member Ryan McElveen’s Behavior Calls For An Explanation

mcelveen_explanationGoli Trump, the FCPS auditor, has been on paid leave since August of 2016. When asked about this, at large school board member Ryan McElveen said he was not allowed to discuss the auditor.

How can this be?

The auditor reports to the school board, the school board reports to the citizens. What is the source of this prohibition? McElveen’s refusal to discuss the matter is nothing if not paradigmatic of the opacity that has come to characterize FCPS. This opacity is, of course, antithetical to the practice of good government, and is the source of much of the criticism of FCPS’ operations.

Unless and until FCPS makes full disclosure regarding the circumstances of Trump’s leave, caution should be exercised in providing funds to FCPS. Given the timing not only of Trump’s leave but also the resignation of Karen Garza, it seems that a NO vote on the meals tax is prudent.



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