Vote No On The Meals Tax: School Board Member Dalia Palchik Advances A Strawman Argument!

Fairfax County school board member, Dalia Palchik, has come out in support of the meals tax. Here is a portion of the debate surrounding her position:


As can be seen, Megan Shanahan questioned the need for this tax when, in her opinion, the schools have not done enough to address waste and cut spending.

Dalia Palchik responded, accusing Shanahan of not supporting a world class education for the County’s students.

Justin Samons called Palchik out on the fallacy of her argument. Palchik did not respond to Shanahan directly, but, instead, set up a strawman argument to bolster a pro-meals tax position.

Samons also points out, quite correctly and without resorting to flawed rhetoric, that the proposed tax is regressive and hits the poorest members of the community the hardest.

Shanahan re-entered the debate, thanking Samons for his support and calling upon Palchik, or anyone else from FCPS to justify spending, such as the system’s lavish travel budget. Shanahan’s position, which had been attacked (and rather poorly) by Palchik, was restated, elegantly and succinctly by Cindi Allen McLean.

One has to wonder why Palchik must resort to such tactics.




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