Vote No On The Meals Tax: Tricky Library Rhetoric REVEALED!

Here’s something posted on a pro-meals tax site:


Read it carefully. Few would disagree about the value of libraries, or that their funding has been cut.

But look at what comes next: we may be able to raise revenues. Not the meals tax will raise revenues. In other words, there are no specific plans to allocate funds from the meals tax, should it pass, to the libraries.

It also says we can also ensure that meeting growing demands for school services does not come at the expense of much-needed investment in the future of our libraries. This comment is unsubstantiated. Increased demands for funds by Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) have almost certainly impacted the libraries. The County budget is a zero sum game; if something is funded, something else has to be cut.

The solution is simple: cut spending.



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